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I think it's O' time! Print Version

countrycutieluv 09-16-08 03:36 PM

I think it's O' time!
I am having some discomfort on my left side.I think I am ovulating I am starting to feel some nausea too.WOOHOO.I don't know for sure since I didn't use opk's this month.Didn't plan on ttc this month until the last min.
We have our bases covered though...When should I count dpo? Tomorrow or Thursday? I normally o' on cd16.Which I think is today.....
I am excited but trying not to stress over it!

LAB 09-16-08 03:56 PM

I hope this is it for you! Its days PAST ovulation, so I'd count it as the first day after you O as day 1.

Laura :)

countrycutieluv 09-16-08 03:59 PM

I miss typed...I meant what day should I count as O' day? Today or possibly tomorrow? I may just count tomorrow as o day since it will be CD16.

LAB 09-16-08 04:05 PM

I'd probably do tomorrow as well just to be safe!

Laura :)

Keepers 09-16-08 04:43 PM

I would use CD 17 as 1 DPO. Any ewcm?