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Heparin??? Print Version

Ash69 09-16-08 08:27 PM

Has anyone taken Heparin after experiancing miscarriages?

Valleygirl 09-16-08 09:10 PM

I am currently on heparin. I have had 3 miscarriages and had some extensive testing done and was found to have two problems that can cause miscarriage and one of them causes issues with folic acid. I take heparin only when pregnant for the entire pregnancy and stop 48 hours before delivery.

Ash69 09-16-08 09:33 PM

Thanks for sharing your story. I have aslo had 3 miscarriages & I am told that Heparin is the answer to my problems. I will start taking injections daily as soon as I get pregnant again. I am so scared at this point since I have not had any successful pregnancies & will be turning 39 soon. So may I ask if those are your children in the photo & did you take the heparin with them?

Valleygirl 09-16-08 09:56 PM

The girl I didn't. I had only had one miscarriage before I got pg with her, but I was taking a baby aspirin per day. I was on heparin with my son I had 2 losses before getting pg with him. I am currently on 5000 units 2X per day, 1 baby aspirin per day and 10X the RDA for folic acid. I hope that heparin helps you get the beautiful baby of your dreams.

Tracey and Neil 09-18-08 01:14 PM

Wishing you lots of luck :shamrock: