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juliemo 09-20-08 11:09 AM

temp question
I read that your temps will stay high when you are pregnant. Mine are slowly going down (I got a bfp yesterday). I was at 98.4 then yesterday 98.3 and today 98.2 ... is this something to worry about? I read that you can have chemical pregnancys and im freaking out.

Valleygirl 09-20-08 11:21 AM

What is your coverline? Are you still well above that? What I do when I get nervous is go take anothe hpt. Try to use the same one as before and see if the line is darker.

juliemo 09-20-08 11:25 AM

My cover line is 98.0

juliemo 09-20-08 01:11 PM


these are the tests i took today....the very bottom one is from yesterday

3Princes 09-20-08 02:20 PM

I say you're pregnant, and stop temping. :) They're all positive.

Have you gone and gotten a blood test yet? You could ask to do that.