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saffy 09-26-08 11:45 AM

"Early" pregnancy tests
Does anyone know by experience how accurate they are when you test before AF is due?

Just wondering if anyone had a - on the "early" ones that then were a + later.

I think I am trying to tell myself I still have a good chance. But I am feeling like it's already a no, and it's gonna stay that way.

I had a false negative once before but that was in 1991 and I know they've come a long way since then.

I feel like it was a fluke & gift that we got pg in July, after over 6 months of trying. Maybe cause we weren't actively trying by charting etc...
And now I feel like maybe it just isn't meant to be. I know the age thing is such a big factor against us.

I'm sorry for whining. Just feeling really down about this and besides Mike (and he's been at the academy all week and won't be home til late tonight & leaves Sun. afternoon again), you ladies are the ONLY ones I have to talk to about this.

Sending lots of :babydust: to everyone!

Keepers 09-26-08 11:50 AM

Its normal to have these feelings. Unfortunately every woman is different and those test may not be sensitive enough for certain ppl. With my other two children I never got a positive on a "early" test. Just may need to wait a couple days. I hope it is a BFP soon!

jaedrae 09-26-08 11:56 AM

I bought a 3 pack of FRERs when I was first pregnant-
First day BFP
Second day BFN
Third Day BFP again.... and I really was pregnant.
I am different then alot of the ladies here because I was getting BFNs on Dollar Store Tests up until about 12 DPO. I know alot of ladies have better luck with those than I did. I felt awful to get a BFN but someone told me that tests even in the same box can detect at different levels. When you are testing early you just never know. I hope that all made sense. Good luck...
babydust to all of you :hug:

holly302 09-26-08 11:56 AM

:lurk: when i was pg with DD last year, i got a positive with a digital test and then got a negative 3 hours later! i think the earlier you are, the less concentrated the hormone is in your body. i would stay away from any digitals until after AF is missed since they seem like they are the less sensitive type of test. the dollar tree store and the walgreens generic tests have given me BFP before AF was due. i dont know if it would have worked with any type of test because i was pg, or if they are super sensitive and gave me a result sooner than any other test would have. i hope this helps and i am rooting for you and your bfp!! :heart:

saffy 09-26-08 12:01 PM

I heard the digital's weren't as sensitive. So far I tried the FRER and the EPT. Thanks so much. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed and praying for a + and for all of us too.