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A little help please. Print Version

KeGo 09-29-08 07:12 PM

A little help please.
The first day of my last period was August 24th. From what I can tell my period was due September 25th (32 day cycle). I got anxious and took two pregnancy tests (one saturday afternoon and one sunday morning) both of which (they were digital tests)came out negative. :tdown1:
Is this the end of the ball game for me?

wendysue611 09-29-08 07:14 PM

Maybe not...we don't usually count ourselves out until AF arrives. If you really want a clear answer, see your doc for a blood test. Those will tell you if you have any hCG in your system and if so, how much. Good luck!

3Princes 09-29-08 07:45 PM

A lot would depend on when you actually ovulate during your 32 day cycle. If you ovulate later, then no, you're not out, definitely not out.

Keepers 09-29-08 08:09 PM

:ythat: Your not out until the witch arrives.

saffy 09-29-08 10:05 PM

:pray:ing you see a BFP soon. I have had a negative once before a positive with my first. I am hoping to still see a bfp myself even after the -'s. Trying to stay + for all of us. Good luck!