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I would love some input :) Print Version

ButaDujo 10-06-08 08:27 PM

I would love some input :)
Hey all! This is my first post here, and I would love some input about my question.

I have a normal on the dot 28 day cycle :)
I BD'd twice on the 21st, which would be the time I ovulated!
I noticed some specks of blood when I wiped on the 28, 1, and 2.
On the 3rd, i started spotting light pink/red, which is 2 days before my AF would be due :( Im only wearing a liner because the flow is so light, normally im wearing a kotex and a pad to prevent leaks! But at the moment the spotting has turned an icky brown. I noticed its get practically no clots whatsosever, and im not feeling any cramps. Im to nervous to test, im so used to seeing a BFN :curse: What do you guys think? Could this be implantation spotting, or is my nausea just in my head? :wink4:

LAB 10-06-08 08:46 PM

Do you have a really short LP? You should ovulate at about day 14.

What you are describing could be implantation spotting. Brown is showing old blood and could be expected from implantation.

Laura :)

ChandyRae 10-06-08 08:50 PM

It really does sound like implantation bleeding. I would test!!

ButaDujo 10-06-08 08:51 PM

Thanks for your answers guys, Im keeping my fingers crossed!

jillrn 10-06-08 08:51 PM

I think she is talking about 2 different timing dates here. She is saying she has 28 day cycles and she ovulated on Sept 21 not cd21. Correct me if I am wrong. My practical self says wait till the 5th if no AF by then then test. BUT if it were me POAS!