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Ladies? TMI question. Warning! Print Version

Keepers 10-07-08 08:18 AM

Ladies? TMI question. Warning!
I started AF Saturday afternoon and it started very light pink and light flow on Sunday AF was brown. I have never had Brown AF, but I dont think it is implantation or anything like that because my temps are down. I have had no AF symptoms that I usually get such as CRAMPS. None what so ever, I always have cramps. But I was just wonderig if any of you ladies have had this or what you think it might be. Also, do you think that possible I had a chemical pregnancy? Would it be brown and it also appears to have a lot of mucus stuff along with the brown?
Oh I need help!:doh:

countrycutieluv 10-07-08 10:18 AM

I would suggest going to the doctor.Thats pretty odd.I know when I get AF its nothing like that.At least call the doctor and see what they suggest,maybe a blood test?

Keepers 10-07-08 10:22 AM

Thanks Carrie. I think I am going to call them in just a bit. I have never had this before. Last month when you had the chem. was it like a normal AF?

countrycutieluv 10-07-08 10:26 AM

It started out spotting then lead to a beyond normal AF! It was the worst ever! Is yours really heavy?

countrycutieluv 10-07-08 10:35 AM

keep us posted! Have you tested since you started bleeding?