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Keepers 10-09-08 10:19 PM

I am doing a speech on PCOS in speech class and I have to persuade the audience to have their doctor check for this with anyone of the symptoms. Just thought I would get some thoughts with you girls.


countrycutieluv 10-09-08 10:52 PM

That brought tears to my eyes....that was wonderful!

wendysue611 10-10-08 01:20 AM

That was great LeAnn! Good luck with your speech!

ButaDujo 10-10-08 02:56 AM

That made me tear up! I really want you to be happy and not have to deal with those "will i ever get pregnant?" doubts. I know youll do awesome on your speech.

hayley27 10-10-08 11:19 AM

That was great!!!! I work with a girl and my BF have PCOS. it took years to have an answer!