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hopetobemomofthree 10-10-08 07:24 PM

How soon...
do you start testing with OPK's? I ovulated CD14 last time...but didn't use an OPK.... I am currently on CD 9 and was thinking of starting testing tomorrow or Sunday, what do you all normally do?

Keepers 10-10-08 07:50 PM

CD13 for me. I have late ovulation when i Ovulate.

3Princes 10-10-08 08:17 PM

I'd start on CD10 if I were you. Just so you don't miss your window.

hopetobemomofthree 10-11-08 01:01 AM

Thanks for the advice ladies! I can't wait to pee on a stick! Terrible POAS already! Will the madness ever end?!!!:google2:

Tracey and Neil 10-11-08 05:31 AM

I agree CD10, although the test-stick manufaturers should have their exact recommendations on the box or on the website!

Happy peeing!!! Hope you get that BF-OPK-P!!!