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i need help.. can I be pregnant? Print Version

jennifer4321 08-26-12 12:11 AM

i need help.. can I be pregnant?
i had sex on 2 of my fertile days and on my ovulating day. He had pulled out but then the third time he had precum and we still had sex. I AlWAYS have really bad cramps and tenderness a week before my period yet i haven't had anything and its due in 4 days. Is there any possible way that i can be pregnant?

Dopey406 08-26-12 04:56 PM

Yes. Anytime you have unprotected intercourse, especially during your most fertile days, you have increased chances of becoming pregnant.

Are you hoping to become pregnant? :hmmm:

jennifer4321 08-26-12 05:48 PM

i kind of am since I've been with my bf for 5 years and we have been talking about it but i took two tests,one a week before my period and the line was not complete it was very light (negative) and i took one today 5 days till my period and it was negative again. Yet I'm not having any symptoms of my period which i ALWAYS have a week before and I've been sick lately (nausea,exhausted,sensitive to smell). I don't know what to think. Im guessing i should wait until i see if my period is late right?

Dopey406 08-26-12 06:07 PM

Yes, waiting until your period is late is the best time to test. I've never gotten a positive pregnancy test earlier than 4 days before my period and that was with the super sensitive Dollar Tree tests. Those tests are more sensitive than the urine tests used in my OB's office.

The best time of day to test is first thing in the morning after holding your urine for 5+ hours. This is your most concentrated urine, therefore it would have the most highly concentrated amount of hCG if you were indeed pregnant.

I don't know where you live or if you have a Dollar Tree nearby but if so, you could try one of those tests one of these upcoming mornings using first morning urine (FMU).


jennifer4321 09-01-12 12:12 AM

so im 2 days late i took a test a day before my miss period and it came out positive but i took one today and it was negative .. am i ?