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faint pregnancy test and ultrasound showing nothing Print Version

MsPreggy 03-14-13 08:18 AM

faint pregnancy test and ultrasound showing nothing
Hi all.

My last normal period was on the 30th of jan 2013, then started spotting on the 6th february I did a preg test same day it came out negative, on the 11th did a test @ the Doctor its came out faint positive and on the 13 I did another test it came out positive and he did an ultrasound nothing showed . I'm so cunfused me and my partner are so dissapointed. And the Doctor I went to just brushed me off. I don't know what to do ;(

MsPreggy 03-14-13 08:28 AM

I forgot to mention, I feel nauseas, I have headaches,cramps and back pain

tes2011 05-22-13 05:54 PM

I would say you are pregnant, cuz if the test shows positive even if it's very pale it is positive. I did my first ultrasound at 5 weeks they couldn't see anything from the outside, just once they have used the special screening from the inside they were able to determin the fetus.