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Annmarie4 06-20-13 08:55 AM

10dpo bfn
Hi ladys i am ttc like you ladys i am 10dpo and due to start my period on monday i tested this morning bfn heart sinking i had most of the same feelings cramping feeling sick at morning time only till lunch time and then fine well today at lunch time im feeding my dog and her food smelled lovely i really wanted to eat it and i hate the smell of dog food anybody have this before im just hoping its a sign and i dont end up craving it lol i hope we all get that bfp soon

Dopey406 06-26-13 10:15 AM

I've had 8 pregnancies nad the very, very, very earliest I've ever gotten the super-duper faintest BFP is 10 DPO. Most BFPs don't come until 12-14 DPO.

Now that it's been a few days, what's our status? :xfingers:

Annmarie4 06-26-13 01:08 PM

Hi i got the witch 2 days early thats never happened im on cd6 now did you get a bfp thanks for reply :)