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ajksand 07-03-13 07:25 AM

new to forum but not to ttc
Hey!! New to this forum but not new to ttc. I have a 9.5 yr old daughter conceived naturally. my dh and I have been ttc #2 for 8.5 yrs with no luck. We tried the metformin & clomid thing about 6 yrs ago but i got discouraged and we just went on with life. Then in march of 2012 we were approached by a lady about adopting her baby that would be born in Sept, we were so excited that our family was going to be complete. By may i was getting a little worried that she was going to back out and turned out i had good reason because on July 25 she sent me a text to tell me that she decided to go through an adoption agency bc they offered to pay her appt rent for the next 12 weeks. Needless to say we were crushed. Then in Jan of this year we decided that if we were going to continue to try for another baby that we needed to get serious bc i am gettting close to 30 and my dh is getting close to 40.. So off to the gyno i went... lots of blood work later and a sono the dr told me everything looks good so he put me on provera to get me to start having af then in march he put me on metformin and told me that if i continued to loose weight he would start me on the clomid so 48 lbs later only 5 months after first appt he started me on the clomid:) I have now done 2 rounds of clomid and it is not a fun experience for me. I feel like i have raging bipolar of course af showed he ugly head this morning:( now off to my dear dr today for another check up