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Could I be preg? Print Version

Cheyennesmomma 07-10-13 01:05 PM

Could I be preg?
My bf and I are ttc.. I have a 28 day cycle and I just had my period June 28-30 but stopped bleeding the evenin on the 30th. Bf and I had sex on the 30th night and on july 5th. I've been havin the feelin that I have to pee All the time but when I go barely any pee and I had diarrhea. Yesterday(July 6.) my lower right side was sore all day but more torwards my back than stomach and a neck pain then this mornin (july 7) I had to pee like every 5 minutes then when I wipe there's a few light pinkish spots on tp and a couple spots in toilet then July 9 and today constipated, my period is not til end of this month.. What's this mean??

Cheyennesmomma 07-10-13 01:23 PM

Could the spotting been ovulation spotting, and that I ovulated a little early? If so we had sex two days before I spotted...

Cheyennesmomma 07-10-13 01:25 PM

And sex 7 days before spotting... We're both just anxious to have another baby and give our 2 year old daughter a lil sibling :)

Dopey406 07-16-13 08:53 AM

Pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. It very clearly explains who your body works to achieve pregnancy. If you're having regular, 28-day cycles, you won't ovulate until the 14th day of your cycle---14 days after the FIRST day of your period. So having intercourse the day your period ends (while fun) likely won't help you achieve pregnancy.

If you're working to get pregnant, it's best to start on day 10 or 11 and have intercourse every other day until day 16-17. This will likely cover your ovulation period and give your partner's body time to regenerate quality sperm so as to give you optimum chances to achieve pregnancy each cycle.

You can start testing around day 26 of your cycle to see if you have gotten the result you were hoping to achieve.


gathakayz 07-23-13 01:20 AM

hd my pees on 28 june and here is the confusing part according to my ovulation calendar i should have ovulated from 11th to 15th july but i suspect i started earlier thn tht becoz on the 11th i had lots and lots of ewcm and thats the day met wit my man. The next day ws nt much ewcm and da next day i ws almost dry. I started experiencing needle like feelings in my uterus and a weird feeling like somethng is coming down my breasts. Smtyms it hurts but nt much. Im bloated and gassy n throbbing in my uterus feeling. Should i take the test now or wait