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mitshell 07-29-13 05:12 AM

my husband is 61,and I am 35years.dec this year I did a uterus fibroid operation which went well, but since the fibroid was big according to doctor and was lying on one of the fallopian tube ,they had t cut,doc told me am ok,and can conceive with one periods are regular, question is can I conceive since my guy is 61,recently we visited same doc ,advised us that I should try taking clomid.we eat heathy,meals

Dopey406 07-31-13 03:51 PM

:welcome: to The Baby Corner. The Clomid will stimulate egg production so your doctor is probably hoping to prod along those ovaries a little and help the process of conception.


mitshell 08-05-13 01:40 AM

thank you for you kind answer, hope to have a baby soon.