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implantation pains??? Print Version

lady_n 08-07-13 09:28 AM

implantation pains???
I had my copper non hormone coil taken out last Thursday. According to my planner I had my fertile days on the fri, sat,sun and my ovulation day was apparently Monday... I had sex the day before my coil was taken out, the day it was taken out and every day since then(we r TTC!!), yesterday I started to have a hard bloated tummy, iv been constipated for 3 days, I'm tired, no appetite, and am having to wee, ALOT more than usual and at least once during the night, I have mild tummy cramps and a odd sensation in my tummy, and the odd short sharp pain in my abdomen, I also have a thick clear/pale discharge. What's this about?

lady_n 08-07-13 09:40 AM

I'm also really gassy!!!

Futhi 08-17-13 05:55 AM

Get yoursel a p. Tester