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iaa1 12-01-13 04:21 PM

chances of being pregnant
Ok, so I figure I ovulated two or three days after sex. My guess is I O'd more like three days after, according to some mixed results on opk tests, but I only had sex once. Not really trying to get pregnant at this time, but we did nothing to prevent it, and I do want another baby eventually. I'm 32 and he's 50. He has four kids, and the youngest is 12. I have one who is going to be six yrs old on Valentines Day, and he was a result of going off of birth control for one month before I could go back to the doctor to get more and one day of throwing caution to the wind. Not the same guy this time around.

What are my chances of being pregnant, and when can I take a pregnancy test?

iaa1 12-01-13 04:22 PM

Sex was around noon on the 26 and I got a positive opk 6 am from a digital test on the 28, although the line on another opk test wasnt as dark as the control line at that time. If I O'd twelve hours later it would be a few hours over two days from sex; If 36 hours then three days. Still the next day I took the opk test that has the lines and they could have been just as dark, but I wasnt completely sure because half of the line was as dark but the other half was kind of faded a bit.