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bndxo 02-18-14 10:57 AM

I don't really know how to post or what to say in these things lol this is my first time. I am newly married. It was a year on Valentine's day! We are currently trying to conceive. We had sex during ovulation & made sure to have sex on my "most fertile day". I am now 14 dpo with my period expected tomorrow. I have been having cramps on & off for about a week. Some severe some just weird. Not like my normal period pains, but maybe thats in my head? They've gotten worse today so I am worried.. also just started to get semi sore boobs (achey on the sides) I have had hiccups everyday for a week it seems...& literally CRAZY with mood swings..but other than that not really having any symptoms..I know it's silly because I should just be patient & see if mother nature bursts my bubble tomorrow... but it's driving me crazy! I was wondering if you ladies had similar problems or just words of encouragement!

bndxo 02-19-14 07:36 PM

I'm pregnant!

mariaeastland 08-29-14 07:24 AM

Don't worry and urgently see some nice doctor.

Ayen 09-18-14 05:41 AM

Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy. Let me share here with you a site that you can use to calculate your baby's due date and more helpful topics about pregnancy, good luck and enjoy your pregnancy.