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signs and symptoms could this be a pregnancy? Print Version

hopingforthisone 07-29-14 06:10 AM

signs and symptoms could this be a pregnancy?
pregnancy? kinda confused now i ovulated last july 18 and have intercoursed with my husband last july 12,15 and 17,on the 21st of july i felt sudden cramp on my lower abdomen that lasted for a couple of seconds on the next past 4 days i suffer from lower back pain,cramping,diarreah,headache,neckpain.upon reading of signs and symptoms i am pregnant but i tested hpt for 2times that came back negative am i too early for that?and now i dont feel anything is that mean im not pregnant?in 3 days i'll be on my period. any one can give me info? thanks :) btw newbe here ;)

Carmie 07-29-14 11:25 AM

Hi there, yes it is too early to take some tests. Maybe it is just PMS, I will share with you a free site that I am using to calculate my ovulation period and more. I hope this could help you too, good luck.