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MrsCurrie2B 11-09-14 05:02 PM

New Here!
Hi all,
im new here my name is Mandie and im 33 and I'm engaged to the love of my life john who is 34 but we are trying to conceive as we not getting any,

i have pcos on both ovaries and a underactive thyroid, i did fall pregnant last june but lost it in july at 6 weeks,

i have been married before and with him we were trying to conceive for 7 years even went on clomid and scans showed i had ovulated and all but no luck.. but with my new partner we fell pregnant within 2 months of starting.. but no luck since, but i have been on medication to help with something in my pertuity gland as my body was still thinking i was pregnant and i started lactating ive been on these meds 5 months now got one month left they are suppose to boost your fertility a bit but nothing yet for me,

my cycles are 33 days long,

i have a query.. he first day of my last period was 21st of october, on 2nd and 3rd november i had like a watery cm on 4th november i still had watery cm but it was slight stretchy only a little then on 5th november i started getting a creamy cm like lotion type feeling that carried on to 7th then it got sticky but on 8th november at around 11pm i had the sticky white creamy cm but in that i had brown blood.. it was there for about 10 mins, today its like a watery creamy lotion thats slighty yellow and sticky?? 8th november and this morning i had slight cramping but its gone now. i only ever spot brown discharge the day before AF arrives

what cud this be,
ive never spotted in between cycles before

Mandie x