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Bmeyer 11-14-14 02:52 PM

Faint line then negative test
I'm new to the site but like many of ttc and having difficulties. My husband and I got a very faint line on an early test strip a few days ago, it was hard to see but it was there. We were ecstatic!! I had symptoms for days before testing so we were sure this was it, but to be absolutely positive I took another the next morning. And got nothing...the strip was stark white. I couldn't believe it, I thought maybe the strip was defective so I took another the following morning and again got nothing. Then to top it off AF came a few hours later. I'm chalking it up to a chemical pregnancy, which I have never experienced before and am heartbroken 😳. We are going to start trying again in the next week but I'm not feeling very excited to at this point...I'm afraid of this happening again. I could really use some encouragement/advice from anyone who's experienced this situation ❤

fatima12 11-15-14 12:03 PM

Hi am also New here

I had my periods on the 1/10/2014 and lasted for 4 days then 17th to 18 october had a strange period and lasted for 2 days and Now ì was late for 12 days tyen my period started 13 November till now but its getting lighter. Ive been experiencing abdominal pains and backache and my breasts nipples are sore with blue veins and looks heavy as well.
I was convinced that I was pregnant but not anymore after getting my periods I am disappointed though. Is it possible to be pregnant after whats happening. ?.

Any responses would be highly appreciated

Daniela Traviss 01-05-15 07:23 PM

I also experienced having the faint line (almost none but if you look closely, there is a thread-like line. I repeated the pregnancy test after 3 days and it gave me the clear 2 lines.