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hannah90 11-21-14 10:35 PM

New here :) ttc
Hi everyone, new here so please bear with me.

I usually have a 27 day cycle, but can vary a couple of days, and really not sure when i 'o'.

I had my period on Nov 6th-10th, me and partner dtd on cycle days 6, 9 and 12

What do people think my chance of pregnancy are?

All advice/questions welcome

sophiemazzola 01-13-16 10:41 AM

Hi there
I know this was a couple years ago, but I am in the same boat currently. did it work for you dtd on these days?

thank you

hannah90 01-13-16 01:06 PM

Hi Sophie
Yes it did work, not quite sure which day i conceived but we are now parents to 5 month old daughter.
Good luck

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