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om Muhammed 01-24-15 12:30 PM

I am a 47 yo mother to four who really wants to have a baby or two with my new husband. We have been trying since June, of 2013. Almost two years. We tried mdds last month, but did not get tge precription in time for this month, but tried anyway. So I am on my TWW. I am kinda hopeful. I wonder if there is any Advanced Maternal Age moms on the board. And is there any success stories? My MIL was 48 when she had my brother in law and 50 when she had a baby girl, who was also born healthy but died at four to Malaria. My friend's mom was 48 when she had her last baby. I have net several women who ws in thier 40's. But with PCOS it has not been easy. I have akways wanted more kids, but my ex was unhappy when I got pregnaant with my last pregnancy, which was twins. So now I am happily married and will be happy with my husbabd regardless if we have a baby or not, but I would love to have a new child to raise together.

Ayen 01-25-15 07:53 AM

Hi there, I know it's hard to have a baby at your age but yes it is possible as long as your eggs and your husbands sperms are healthy. I also know someone who gave birth at her 50's so it is really possible. But if you cannot wait anymore, a doctor could really help you conceive faster as long as you and your husband does not have any complications. Let me also share here with you a site I've been using to track my ovulation period and I hope it could also help you, good luck.

om Muhammed 01-26-15 11:02 PM

My OB GYN who I have seen for years has been coaching me through this since I started trying. He is also the one who has been handling my PCOS. He said two more cycles with meds and then it is off to see a fertility specialist. My husband us willing to do IVF, as am I. But I guess I have been waiting, hoping. But if the next two cycles don't kick start the ovaries I will admit defeat and will go to IVF. But my numbers are good, I am not even in pre menopause. So I still have hope.