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two week wait help........ Print Version

om Muhammed 02-02-15 02:24 AM

two week wait help........
Ok, my cycles are irregular from pcos. Last cycle I did 50 mg of Clomed. But cycle started 8 days early. As a history, it is very typical for me to start early. But I had hopes it would have been on time, since I hoped I had ovulated. But since my period started that much earlier and meds taken when they were I did not have time since 14 days before my cycle started I was just finishing my period. Anyway. Now to this cycle, no meds, did not get them in time. But things seemed more normal than they had in a long time. But now according to my online fertility calendar it says I shoud test now. And with my previous cycles I should have started two days ago. But now I have an issue of I cant test with out my husband finding out. And really I dont want to get his hopes up. We have been trying since June pf 2013. But really I am on day 26. So if I suddenly had a normal cycle then I would not start for three more days. Is it worth testing? As that would require going out in a couple of feet of snow. Snow plows havent cleared roads yet and if I dont leave soon enough in the morning, taking three kids. Day 26 is late enough to show possitive if it is positive. But early enough to show negative regardless. But with previous cycles? Late, what do I tell him I am going out in crappy weather for? I guess I could drive to CVS and say I have to pick up a precription and he should wait in the car to keep it warmed up. LOL. This is getting exciting.

om Muhammed 02-02-15 07:02 PM

Well kids were still home, but I found a pregnancy test that came with an ovulation predictor strip kit. And sadly it was negative. But not before it got my hopes up. As I watched it develop, not good I know. It was showing two lines and I was staribg at it in disbelief as it had been a while since I had a possitive home pregnancy test. But as the five minutes the one line slowly faded and I realized that the two lines should have been closer. That the one was where the thing started to develop but it faded as the test finished. So not this month. I feel defeated. I have the meds at the pharmacy, tine to pick them up and get ready for day four.