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I'm really confused Print Version

CandyKisses 02-25-15 04:59 PM

I'm really confused
I'm currently 23 days late on my cycle. On Feb 23 I thought my AF was on, due to spotting blood in my urination. As the day continued there was no more blood sighted. I talked to other females about my situation and they informed me that it can be IB. This bleeding occurred on the 6th DAO. Before urinating I felt cramps. These cramps wasn't intense at all. Okay now here's my concern... I've read that IB doesn't happen after a missed period; it should happen before your missed period. On that same very website I read if your cycle is irregular then it doesn't imply to you. I've read it on multiple websites after receiving that information, cause indeed my AF is irregular. So it's possible that the little amount of blood I saw is IB. I read that I should take a test on the 11th DAO. My 11th DAO is Feb 28th but my next period is March 3. 2015. Should I wait off taking a test and see if my period was just extra late or go ahead and take the test on Saturday? I would love to read your responses