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Confused82 03-16-15 04:35 PM

Really confused
I had my normal period Feb. 28 - March 4th.. Me and my husband had sex March 1st and March 9th. Not sure when I O'd.. I started spotting light the 10th, it was light pink.. On the 11th it was dark brown spotting that turned into a lil reddish pink.. Spotted ligh pink with no cramps til the 14th.. The 15 and 16th the spotting is red and a lil heavier.. Reg doctor said hormone imbalance but I have no hot flashes and my libido is overly fine.. I don't think it could be implantation bleeding.. The 15th and 16th I had some good cramping.. I'm on a 21 day cycle but my period isn't due for another 6 days

blessing101 03-22-15 09:18 AM

Talk to your doctor they will be able to advise you accordingly. ..
I lost my pregnancy last Sunday, too bad but I'm staying strong recovering from a d $c ,was well taken care of.
But still have the what did I do wrong, ???
There were things I should have done differently looking back.
1_i kept my gym routine and used to work out really hard, should have taken it easy, made me feel good after ,was it all the pregnancy symptoms I was having.
2,Had a huge argument with my Bf it was brutal not physical but it felt physical in every possible way, was pushed to the limit ,emotionally it was a hard stressful time and started cramping, three days later I was spotting and miscarried afew days. ..did that cause me to miscarry, don't know? ??
4_ Was I having a viable pregnancy to begin with? ?
No clue.

blessing101 03-22-15 09:19 AM

Please seek professional advise and help,

Confused82 03-30-15 10:55 PM

I seen my obgyn and he said hormonal imbalance without doing any test.. I'm now 8 days late for my period.. I've taken 2 pregnancy test and got BFN. Sorry to hear about your loss!! Don't be so hard on yourself.. Sometimes these things just happen for reasons beyond your control (((hugs))) to you