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I am becoming discouraged Print Version

stefani_rudigier 04-13-15 01:57 PM

I am becoming discouraged
Hello, so I looked on so many different websites, as well as used several different ovulation calendars as well. It says I ovulated on the 4th of April, 2015. My Cycle started on March 21, 2015. We started trying on the 30th, 31th, 1st, skipped 2nd and 3rd of April but then had sex April 4th (day of ovulation) skipped 5th, and then again on the 6th. I am at 9DPO, I tested at 7dpo 8dpo and 9dpo all were negative. I used 2 FRER both negative not even a sign of a 2nd line. I am discouraged and beginning to think I am not pregnant. I am going to wait til I am 12dpo to test again, anyone have any advice, maybe even just hearing that I'm testing too early will calm my nerves. I don't know, I googled tests at 9dpo and some people had faint lines and even at 8dpo! a few at 7dpo! I am beginning to doubt myself.