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shailako 06-11-15 03:28 PM

i am 36 going on 37 have one son who will be 17 in July. I never really wondered why I didn't get pregnant any time in the 17 years. A couple years ago I did however got pregnant. I found out at 6 weeks and miscarried at 8 weeks. Ever since then my periods have been not as heavy and long as the were before the miscarriage. But very regular every 28 days on the dot. My period was due 6/8/15 and still no sign of it. I can say I am not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms. I have zings of pain shoot through my breasts to the nipple and back pain. So I'm not sure what is going on. I'm afraid to take a test for it to say negative. And I'm afraid it will say positive and have the fear of a miscarriage again. Idk. What are your thoughts? Think maybe I could be pregnant? I would be happy if so but scared..