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period or inplantation?? Print Version

niki estell 06-24-15 06:10 PM

period or inplantation??
Please bare with me period cycle shortest days is 24,the longest is 42days and the average is 30days so with bein said...... i had sex on the 4 of june...i caught my period or what i think is my period on the 15th wich is 4days early,i expected on the 19th....when it came it was totally lighter than my normal period diffinately shorter,more of a blood mix with curvix mucus texture.... The first 2days was a steady light flow,the 3rd day was off and on and the rest was just spotting like brownish blood....could this be my period????? If not how long can inplantation bleeding last and when is it best to take a test??????