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Could I be pregnant Print Version

JackieNScott 07-02-15 01:19 AM

Could I be pregnant
my last period was May 29th 2015 and the last day was June 05 2015 and I always get the cramps on the 28th and start on the late morning on the 29th well it's now July 1st and I had horrible cramps last night from 11pm until 3am and I was nervous about starting my period so I wore a pad to bed last night and didn't bleed through out the night so I threw it away and I went to work at I felt blood come out in my panties and it wasn't much like a couple drops and then I put on a pad and I went pee again at 11pm July 1st and there was a few more drops more like a smear of brownish stuff I'm sure it was blood!!! I haven't taken a test I last had sex 2 nights ago and like we have sex every other day so!!!! Do u think I'm pregnant ladies!!!!! What should I do take an at home pregnancy test or go to the dr.????