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ttc questions - ewcm, cervix, ane vaginal itching Print Version

White star 7 10-31-15 01:36 AM

ttc questions - ewcm, cervix, ane vaginal itching
hello people, i have been trying to conceive for about 6 months now and im scared its not going to happen. Everytime i see a woman holding their baby i wanna cry. I guess im just not that patient of a person. I got pregnant last year for the first time and ended up miscarrying. I am still fairly young in my twenties and i eat healthy and get plenty of sleep, my partner on the other hand is a smoker and likes to drink beer. But anyway, for my questions, this is october 2015, on cd 20 i was taking a shower and a big glob of ewcm ran out which is supposed to mean your fertile and close to ovulating, right? But whats confusing is that when i checked my cervix it wasnt SHOW it was low and hard, that doesnt make sense to me? Does anyone understand this? And my other question, i am about 3dpo and my vagina has been itching in there i know its not a yeast infection i dont get it and i had a ton of white creamy discharge this morning and thats not normal for me usually after ovulation im really dry?