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2 weeks late Print Version

angel42539 02-22-16 11:30 PM

2 weeks late
Help. Last month I was 7 days late took multiple tests all came back faint positive within the time frame. Two days later I started spotting/bleeding although it was never as heavy as a regular period. After that test came up negative and even blood test. So I started on Jan 9th. So now I'm two weeks late and having sorry TMI a lot of discharge first it was really watery white then it turned into lotion like white discharge. My cervix most part has been very high and soft, sometimes it gets a little lower but never real low. I have taken mutiple test. 3 dollar tree and 2 of the 88 cent ones at Walmart all negative. The dollar tress has a what I'm guessing a evap line although it does have color to it. I don't feel pregnant. I have had loss of appetite and one days last week I was bloated bad and thought for sure I was going to start it went away by the next day. And the other day all of a sudden I got really sharp stabbing pains in my lower stomach and some in my side it was so bad that I could barley walk but within 30 mins it was gone. I think I'm driving myself crazy.

angel42539 02-24-16 11:23 AM

Now 18 days late