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Regarding hypothyroidism and ttc Print Version

merina.mjohn 03-03-16 01:05 PM

Regarding hypothyroidism and ttc
hi,Last year i found out that i have hypothyroidism and my tsh is 5.95.....My periods are regular..Will it be too difficult for me to conceive because of thyroid problem?...Also if i had intercourse around the time of ovulation will i get pregnant(i used ovulation test)?

cdubsmom123 03-05-16 09:15 PM

Hi! Just joined and haven't ever had an account on a thing like this. Im currently TTC #2. As far as the thyroid question im not sure...but with the ovulation test i def can give some advice! If you -baby dance- during ovulation you have the greatest chance to conceive. Its best to shoot for every other day, my gyno says thats adequate intercourse! Do you chart your temps or check cervical mucus?