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TTC and confused about what's going on with my body Print Version

Rose7220 06-09-16 08:27 PM

TTC and confused about what's going on with my body
My periods are regular, every 30 days and last 5 days. Normally I start to feel cramping 1 or 2 days before my period which is totally normal. Basically my husband and I are trying for our second child. We've been having sex every other day or so for the past month. I've taken 3 pregnancy test, one 8 days before my period the other was taken 7days before my period and the third one was taken 6 days before my period. All 3 came back negative. What I think is weird is that I've been having cramps in my lower back and abdominal area a week before my period is supposed to start for 2 days now and both days the cramping only last a few hours and then stops for the rest of the day. I'm not bleeding. So I'm wondering if this is implantation or is it just my period. I'm super confused and also anxious to find out if I'm actually pregnant or not. Idk if I tested too early or what.