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Shardae1122 11-27-16 08:33 AM

Hello. I'm new here. Just wanted to share my story. I just turned 31 2 days before Thanksgiving. My husband and I have been married for 8 months and together almost 2 years. Before I met him I had 5 losses. 1st 3 miscarriages and last 2 ectopic. I have been to 3 ob's and 2 fertility specialist. They say I have low progesterone. They refuse to give me progesterone until I'm pregnant. Well I never know until it's too late. With my 1st ectopic I lost my left tube. After the 2nd ectopic I learned I have a small blockage in the right tube. My dr refuses to remove it and said the only way we will have kids is ivf. We can't afford that. We really want kids. I feel so incomplete and less of a woman. The past few weeks I've had really sore breasts. I don't get symptons when I'm pregnant but my body mimics symptoms when my period comes and right before. My period is due in 6 days. I'm thinking about taking a test this week. I'm very nervous. I doubt I'm pregnant but only 1 way to find out. It's been a rough 14 years of pain and heartache. I'm hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. I never make it past the 1st trimester. I've never heard a heartbeat or even saw my babies on an ultrasound.

Ellsworth 11-10-17 03:13 PM

Hello Shardae, I hope you are fine. Don’t take stress. I would advise you to consult a specialist in this case. If it’s happening so many times then you must go for IVF and surrogacy. A clinic in Ukraine gives the best infertility or other concerned treatments. Good luck.