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GabbyB 05-08-17 07:30 PM

HELP Please!
Hello mom's out there. I have been trying to find answers with no luck so maybe one of you out there can help me. My husband and I are not actively trying to conceive but we aren't taking measures to stop it either. The last 2 months I've gotten a "period" that lasted 2 days and a panty liner was enough. After the 1st month I took a blood test and it was negative. After last month I've just taken home tests...still negative. Now this month my period is late and still a negative home test. I'm not as concerned about being pregnant as I am of there being a bigger problem. Has anyone had something like this happened to them and what did it turns out to be?

Marlana 11-09-17 09:18 AM

An irregular period can be due to some kind of hormonal problem. You should consult a doctor to exactly know what the problem is. I have been a patient of PCOs. And I usually suffer from irregular periods. Proper medication is necessary. Ignoring the symptoms may lead to a bigger problem. You need to get your blood tests and scan done.

Shanell 11-09-17 09:30 AM

Hi there. Irregular periods can be a sign of a bigger problem. I would suggest visiting a doctor. An OB can help you figure out the problem. Have been under stress lately? Or have you went through some lifestyle changes? These things can affect the cycles too.

Raquel.. 11-09-17 09:38 AM

In such situation, I know it's hard but don't get stressed, please. It could probably be the major contributory factor here. You should visit a specialist and tell them your fears. Btw how old are you? Please visit a hospital and let us know how did it go.