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TraceyNoel 08-02-17 10:26 AM

So my last period was July 3rd. We did the deed on July 12th and since Saturday the 15th I've felt weird. I had some crampy feelings and some pressure like I may have been ovulating. Then I started feeling nauseous randomly throughout the day and would get weird feelings all around my stomach as the days went on. I swear my boobs have gotten bigger as they are now tight in my sports bras. Monday night I had dull stabbing pains in my upper abdomen and have had more nausea than before. I played my normal softball game but was completed exhausted after 2 innings. I also was having weird digestive issues. I tested Monday and Tuesday but both were negative. I was due for my period on Saturday the 29th based on my 26 day cycle. I just started what looks like my period today...which is 4 days late. I have never been more than a day late in my life and never without cramps at least so I knew it was coming.

I still feel off, exhausted, stomach stabs, nausea, I cry easily, I've smelled things no one else could, crazy cravings, go to the bathroom all the time...not symptoms normal for my period.

Has anyone gotten their period late but ended up pregnant? I've been trying to do research and maybe my HCG levels are just low? Am I just being crazy to have any hope? Could something else be wrong?