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indiasummer375 08-03-17 03:37 AM

my story.

indiasummer375 08-03-17 03:38 AM

Hope you guys are going well. well after giving lot of advice i am here to seek help. I am not trying to have babies! I am here to gather some information about infertility clinics. Can you suggest a good infertility clinic that is based in Ukraine?

kimleyrose35 08-03-17 03:48 AM

hi. I know a clinic named biotexcom but don’t know much about that clinic. One of my cousins went there to consult a doctor. She was having some problem to conceive. She was truly amazed with the service also the service was pocket friendly. So you can try that clinic. I am not able to share much info about the clinic though

kimleyrose35 08-03-17 04:31 AM

Biotecxcom has been operating in the field of human reproduction for a long time. On the other hand it is a certified clinic which means you can completely rely upon them. Now ask me from where i got to know all these things; the answer is easy, INTERNET. As biotexcom is creating a lot of buzz it is not difficult to find them. Don't worry about the expenses because they provide the best service within budget. They also have a huge database of egg donors and surrogate mothers. They make it a point to maintain high confidentiality of clients.

Dgarcia2014 08-04-17 12:06 AM

Hello Lady's so yesterday Night I went to the bathroom and wiped myself. And I saw ligh blood I thought it was my period 😕 Coming back again. So after that I went straight to sleep. And when I woke up this morning at 10am I went straight to the bathroom. And after I was done I wiped myself and there was nothing on the toilet paper. What can it be? Can anyone help me pls I'm 22 years old