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res222 08-10-17 02:18 AM

Diagnosed With Pcos
I am married for 3 years. I have difficulty in getting pregnant until I was diagnosed with PCOS lately. Do I still have the chance to get pregnant? What do you think?

bimmy 08-10-17 05:39 AM

Hello Res, PCOS is quite serious problem because it hinders your pregnancy but I suggest that you should not worry.

res222 08-10-17 05:43 AM

Yeah, it is really serious and I am so problematic now. We do not have a child yet.

bimmy 08-10-17 05:44 AM

All you have to do is to go to a doctor and ask for solutions and option to have a child. I understand your feelings very well.

res222 08-10-17 05:48 AM

Thank you bimmy. I have talked to my doctor already and she gave me a list of medicine to take. I hope it would really a help to me.

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