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Implantation or Period?!~ Print Version

SugarNspice31 10-05-17 09:58 AM

Implantation or Period?!~
Hi, I just came across this website and thought I would sign up.
Maybe my question is silly but

I am 13dpo (I think,)? and I noticed yesterday afternoon I had a bit of light pink spotting, and some again last night before I went to bed, it was more brownish. This am I went to washroom and I didn't have anything there, but as I got to work I had a bit of brown. nothing again now though.

I have a feeling it's the start of my AF (I sometimes spot before she arrives) but I was wondering could it at all be possible that It is implantation this late ?

I would have Ov around the 22 of this month. we didn't BD that day but 3 days before that

Im counting myself out tho

Williamson 11-07-17 03:07 PM

Hi there. Either of those could be the case here. Wait for a couple of days. See if the symptoms persist. After about a week or so take a home pregnancy test. It will help you give a clearer answer. Good luck!

Kemberly 11-08-17 08:40 AM

Hello, sugar! Many congratulations on your successful transplant. Now you are trying to conceive as you had a recent transplant. I hope that you ovulate soon but your age is really a very big concern in conceiving. You should have made this choice earlier in your 30’s. I hope you get pregnant soon but if the transplant does not work, then look for surrogacy. I can share my experience about the process and clinic with you. But first, let’s see what results in the transplant shows.