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Something about infertility Print Version

AlisaB 10-30-17 07:22 AM

Something about infertility
Infertility is an unspoken grief that afflicts at least one in every six women. This definition includes women that have not been able to achieve pregnancy, those who have had miscarriages, and also those who are trying to have additional children. Trying to have children through medical procedures or adoption is both very expensive and emotionally exhausting. Not everyone choose to go on treatment. I recommend it because of one of this treatment I am now pregnant.

Jennygibs 10-30-17 07:26 AM

Hi Alisa! I am very glad that you are pregnant. How long were you fighting with infertility? What treatment helped you? Did you heard from someone about this treatment? I want to know because I am trying to conceive for 2 years. I don't know what would be my first step to do something about it.

AlisaB 10-30-17 07:35 AM

I was fighting with infertility almost 3 years. I was reading all about this issue. My only occupation in that time was sitting by the computer and researching. I found out about ivf. I don't know did you go to your doctor for detail checkup. You must do some tests. It would be great if your husband go with you. If the problem is really that hard that you can not cure it I recommend you to contact a special clinic. There are lots of clinics. I know about BioTexCom in Ukraine. You may contact them and maybe some others and see. I choose this clinic in Ukraine because of the lowest price. And when I went there I found out that they are very professional.

Jennygibs 10-30-17 07:38 AM

Thank you Alisa. You helped me a lot. I didn't go to the doctor yet. I am going next week. You are right, I will convince my husband to go with me. It's better like that to know immediately are we both OK.

AlisaB 10-30-17 07:44 AM

I am glad that I could help you. I am very happy that I succeeded to defeat my problem. Where ever I go I talk to everyone about my story. I want that everyone knows that no matter how hard it is if you are persistent you can defeat any issue. I wish you luck. Take care of yourself.