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AlisaB 10-30-17 05:41 PM

Your doctor will ask you about your medical and sexual history. He will want to discuss any previous births and any complications with previous pregnancies. They'll also ask about any miscarriages you've had.
For your husband, he will be asked whether he had any children from previous relationships. I don't think that you need anything else.

Jennygibs 10-30-17 05:44 PM

He will be ask you how long you've been trying to conceive. More than 80% of couples will conceive within one year. Of those who don't conceive in the first year, about half will do so in the second year. If you're young and healthy and you haven't been trying for a baby for very long, you may be advised to keep trying for a little longer. It's good that you want to know what to expect but try not to think about it all the time.

hillaryj 10-30-17 05:47 PM

I am thinking about it all the time. I know that is not good. I must avoid stress. I can not help myself. I want to get over with this. No matter what the tests results show i am thinking that this waiting is harder.

AlisaB 10-30-17 05:53 PM

When you speak about the results, did you think about it what would you do if there is something wrong? Did you explore your options? Probably it's early to think about it. I wish you that the results came out good. If you are trying for 2 years maybe you still have a chance to conceive without a treatment.

hillaryj 10-30-17 05:56 PM

I was thinking something about other methods. My husband tells me that I think too much. Probably it's true. I worry to much about everything. I only what to be one step forward.