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AlisaB 10-30-17 06:00 PM

Sometimes it's good to think ahead. In this case it's good to have a backup plan. If the test results show that there is something wrong with you or with your husband you will be prepare to try something else. In that case consider to talk with specialist. Just talk to them about your issue and they will be able to tell you more.

Jennygibs 10-30-17 06:03 PM

Keep that in mind but try to relax. This waiting time gives you a lot of stress. Try not to create more stress. Do some things that keep you calm. Don't avoid company, especially of those people that makes you laugh.

hillaryj 10-30-17 06:07 PM

I was always thinking that I am a strong person. That neither one problem can put me in depression. This can. This few months I was crying a lot. Now I know that crying will not help me. I am done with crying. Now I must think how to deal with this.

AlisaB 10-30-17 06:11 PM

You are a very strong person. Strong person are crying too, but they are getting out from problems even stronger. If it would be needed to go to the specialist you may contact me. I can tell you something about it. I know one clinic in Ukraine. I was there and I solved my problem. Be free to ask me anything. If I know the answer I would be glad to tell you. I wish you all the best. Take care.