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2 week wait symptoms...

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  • Sienna 04-10-09 | 03:41 PM
  • Hiya everyone

    I am going through my 2 week wait and it's a nightmare! I am analyzing every little change in my body, it's driving me crazy! I tested yesterday even though I knew it would be negative which it was as I still have 10 days to go until I can test, but I have deffinatly noticed some changes.
    My boobs have been really sore for the past 2 days and i can honestly say I havent had this since I went through puberty! Also, I have broken out in spots and i have never had spots before and I have also noticed (very gross lol) discharge in my underwear which I have never noticed before, there are other little things like becoming very annoyed and moddy with my partner and the smell of certain foods makes me feel sick. I dont know if I am just over analizing or if it could be a sign but was just wondering if anyone else is or has experienced anything like this?? I'm going crazy lol

  • Lisaca 04-10-09 | 08:30 PM
  • I'm right there with you....5 days to go and it is killing me! I was so tempted to test today but I decided to wait. I have the issues with smells, boobs and fatigue but I don't know. Good luck to you and I completely understand your frustration!
  • Jae0 Jae0's Avatar 04-10-09 | 11:42 PM
  • I'm having some symptoms but I dont know whats my body and whats from the Progesterone. My poor body doesnt know what to do with itself. lol

    Good luck guys!
  • Sienna 04-11-09 | 07:09 AM
  • I know it is so so tempting to test! I just couldnt help myself when I did it the other day even though I knew doing it 9 days early was silly
    Oh well, I will deffinatly wait now until I do my next test, 8 days to go, seems like forever!

    My breats are even more sore today, it is a really weird feeling for me as I really havent had this since puberty, I really hope this is a good sign!

    I dont know if this means anything but I have been having nightmares for the past few days - had one last night, 3 the night before and 2 in the 2 nights before that. Dont know if it means anything, just thought I would mention it - has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm hoping the next few days go quick! It's so frustrating, it's just on my mind 24/7, Good luck to you both! I hope we all get a positive!! xxx
  • Lisaca 04-11-09 | 03:28 PM
  • OMG...I've been having nightmares for over 2 weeks now! I thought it was just me. One involved my purse...come to find out, your purse in a dream represents your female area, womb, etc. So again, I'm right there with you...glad it's not just me!

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