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Anyone else doing the TWW?

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  • RunningGirl611 07-26-16 | 10:03 AM
  • My husband and I are trying for our first kid. We are super excited, but this is our 2nd attempt on getting on the ttc train. Last year, we tried for s few months with no luck because I kept getting negative opk. This is our first month trying again, I am using my calendar ovulation prediction, and I'm trying not to be nervous. It would be nice to have a fellow waiter to talk to.
  • Sarahlogy 08-08-16 | 10:18 PM
  • Im in the middle of my 2WW too, 12dpo actually. Still coming up with BFNs. This is driving me nuts....
  • Torian 12-12-16 | 06:21 PM
  • Hi so I had sex fourteen days after the start of my last period . According to my period charting it looks like I had sex on my exact ovulation day, ever since 2dpo ovulation I have been having strong side pains in my abdomen and on day 6po I had severe pain like someone was stabbing me , keep in mind I had some mild lotiony cm during the whole time after ovulation I have now missed my period by two days and I have a clear stretchy watery discharge with pain but only on my right abdomen, my right areola got wider but my left areola is still the same size . I have been feeling dizzy and waking up with a runny nose but when I try to blow it there's nothing there and the runny nose goes away by the time I get out of bed . Also have been bloated I don't know what is going on , I now have missed my period by 8 days still have the milky thin cm and I checked my cervix and it's high and soft and closed please help!