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Implantation bleeding? im confused

Implantation bleeding? im confused

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  • mumoftwo 06-23-16 | 04:11 PM
  • hi I'm new to this site.
    I need help and advice big time please.
    my last period was 16th may 2016 but I have irregular periods. On Thursday 16th June 2016 I noticed clear discharge with thin bloody streaks only when I wiped, this lasted till Saturday 18th June only when I wiped. on that Saturday evening when I wiped again I noticed two blobs of red blood on the toilet paper so I just thought that I was going to start my period so I put a pad on. Sunday 19th June in the morning I had dark red/brownish only when wiped. I had this till Monday and then it was more brownish and then turned to a pinkish colour on the white toilet paper. since around Tuesday 21st June I have got dull ache in my lower belly and since yesterday Wednesday 22nd my nipples have been slightly sore. could I have experienced implantation bleeding? if yes when do u think I would get a bfp? even now 23rd I am still getting the dull ache/slight cramps in my lower belly.
    please help with some advice as I'm very confused.
    thank u and all the best xxx