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  • britnig18 09-02-09 | 08:11 PM
  • Hope you are pregnant Rhynos! I am going through the same thing! I'm 5 dpo today and let me tell you that I test like once a day! lol. I'm a POAS-aholic!
  • Anari 09-15-17 | 04:26 AM
  • And I, for example, was very worried because I wanted children. But my husband and I were no longer young, but still decided to try. Of course, I did not do IVF, it's such a stress for the body at my age. We decided on a surrogate maternity. We have already collected the necessary amount of money and decided to go to Ukraine. We live not far away, in Poland, so we did not seek clinics in America or in India. Firstly, because we do not have too much money spent on flights, and we also speak Russian. But English is not very, so Ukraine was the most acceptable option for us. We took advantage of the surrogate maternity service in the clinic BioTexCom. We found several surrogate motherhood clinics in Kiev. We visited each of these clinics, but the first choice is always the most correct. We all were told, we told the algorithm of events, we were introduced to the cost of this service. We also long chose a surrogate mother from the clinic's base. Then we signed a contract with her with the help of the clinic's lawyers. It's already been a year since the surrogate mother gave birth to a child. By the way, I forgot to say, it was also very important for us that the clinic worked with age clients. After all, not everyone wants to work with such patients, many clinics refuse. I can say that we did not regret that we decided to try it. Yes, many friends and relatives disowned us. They thought we were crazy, many told us that at our age it's time to become grandparents. But 1 our friend supported us, he told us that if we feel the strength in ourselves to raise a child, then we do not need to listen to anyone. Because in a few years everyone will forget about this and no one will discuss us, and we will no longer be alone. And if you listen to the opinion of each person, you can go crazy. Honestly, we did not ask anyone, all our "friends" unceremoniously gave us advice. I know that many couples are faced with similar incidents of misunderstanding by close people. But this is only because each person is selfish. And not everyone can enjoy the success of another. Many people wanted to see us as humble people, people who did not fight destiny. But we completely changed the course of our life. In addition, you need to make a note, older couples who have children to watch their health. After all, you should not only live for yourself. The conciliator, you will need to earn enough to have your child educated. And for this you need strength, so evaluate yourself adequately. This will help you prove the truth to your detractors.

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