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Ugh... apparently I have to go to the doctor this afternoon.

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Old 11-15-07, 11:56 AM
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Thumbs down Ugh... apparently I have to go to the doctor this afternoon.

DH texted me this morning & I told him about the BFN and that AF still hasn't shown. So he told me to call the OBGYN I went to when I was first on BC. I caved & called them, hoping I could just ask questions, but the secretary said if I haven't been to see him (or any other GYN) in three years that the doc would probably prefer me to get a full exam if I come in at all.
She said then I could talk to him about the conception & pregnancy stuff.

So basically the secretary made an appointment for me for this afternoon. I'm not thrilled, and I'm shocked they could get me in that early. This summer when we first thought about TTC, I was going to go in for a pre-conception checkup & I couldn't get an appointment for like 3 weeks. I really don't look forward to stripping down this afternoon. Ugh.

Now to tell my boss I need to leave for a doctor's appointment that wasn't planned ahead of time & I'm not even sick.
I hope she doesn't catch on.

Thanks a lot, husband. I know he means well, but I really wanted to wait this out and not have to go to a doctor.
Especially if it turns out I'm not pregnant.
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Old 11-15-07, 11:59 AM
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Are you on prenatal vitamins??? if you havent been to a dr and you are TTC you should definintly get on them asap! The most important time for the extra folic acid is NOW!

it won't be that bad-- you should definitely go in
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Old 11-15-07, 12:16 PM
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Your doc is right--if you haven't had an exam in that long, it's definitely time.

Kelli's right--get those prenatals going!!

Keep us posted. Maybe they'll draw your blood and you'll know definitively!!! Don't trust their urine tests--demand the beta!!
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Old 11-15-07, 12:19 PM
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Well, at least you will know for sure!!!
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Old 11-15-07, 12:48 PM
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No worries guys! I’ve been taking women’s multis plus extra folic acid (a total of 1000mg per day ), plus Vitex, EPO (before O), Flax Seed Oil (after O), B-6, and Children’s Aspirin. Yeah I went kind of supplement-crazy there.

I did hear that their pee tests are about the same as over-the-counter ones, so yeah I will definitely ask for a Beta.

Thanks everyone!

I also printed out my FF chart and all my data from my previous cycles. I should be good to go.
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