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  • babywishes 04-25-11 | 08:40 PM
  • Hi everyone! I have often looked at these message boards, but finally decided to join in & talk to others who understand...

    My husband & I have been trying for 22 months. I went off bc in Dec. 2008. In July 2009 we started actively trying to conceive. 8 months later still nothing. I asked my doctor and she suggested visiting a OBGYN. Going to him became very frustrating, I felt like the Dr. didn't spend much time with me, just told me to try different things, meds etc. After 9 months of medications and trying I contacted a fertility specialist. He suspected endometriosis this first appointment I had. He ran a couple tests, did an ultrasound and low and behold, my insides were full of cysts, scar tissue & fluid. I was scheduled for surgery the next week. The surgery proved that it was severe/extreme endometriosis.

    I had surgery almost 2 months ago & I'm trying to be patient. Dr. said that my best chances are withing 6-12 months before it starts to grow back. I had my checkup & the doctor said that we would try naturally for 3 months, after that I would have to try IUI for 3 months & if still unsuccessful I would need to start with Invitro.

    I am struggling with impatience & the feeling of the clock ticking. I have wanted a baby all my life & waited until I was married and it was a good time. Now I am just becoming depressed and tired of the waiting.

    Does anyone else have success stories with endometriosis? Thanks for all stories & advice! Good luck to everyone out there!

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