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Cord Blood Banking

Public & Private Cord Blood Banking

There are so many choices to make when a child is born, but one of the newer ones is about what to do, if anything, with your baby's cord blood. According to the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation, cord blood is any blood r...

How Cord Blood Banking Works

Until the 1970's, no one realized the rich potential of blood contained in the umbilical cord and the valuable cord blood was discarded soon after a baby's birth. Now medical professionals and parents alike recognize the importa...

Choosing a Cord Blood Bank

Cord blood is the blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta following birth. It contains blood-forming stem cells which can be used to treat a variety of diseases such as those involving the blood, immune system or metabolism....

Why Cord Blood Is So Precious

Cord blood is the blood remaining in the umbilical cord of a baby after the baby's birth. Recently it has been discovered that the cord blood contains stem cells that are rich in quality and can be a great source of blood cells. T...

Saving Cord Blood Stem Cells

I would like to share with you the importance of preserving your newborn's umbilical cord blood stem cells. I had just found out from a neighbor, when I was in my fifth month of pregnancy, about this wonderful opportunity. She had...